Monday, 11 September 2017

an MDF Mixed media Canvas make 💜 So Proud of Meeeself 💜😃

Hello Everyone welcome to My Blog

    Morning everyone here's some pics of a MDF #mixedmedia #art #canvas project inspired by my dear friend crafty Sister Andree, I'm Soo Really proud how well it turned out of Judy 😃
    hope you like/love it thanx 😁💜 xxx
updated with the word "Follow" did want a stencil but stamp looks good though....

 here's the pics...


 Thanx for looking in much appreciated Stevo xxx


  1. Hi Stephen this is a stunning canvas it did turn out well. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. thanx Jackie luvly it did indeed :) hugs xx

  3. WOW, amazing work. This is just the best film ever. Love the ruby slippers and the nod to the yellow brick road. Just fantastic.

    1. thanx soo much for the lovely comment Dawn :) xx